Welcome to 96Forest’s News & Notes! I will be updating this section each month with thoughts and ideas from travels and experiences on behalf of the shop. I just came back from Brimfield with a few finds after trekking through the rain and fighting my way past many a dealer sniffing out the best pieces. Scored an antique poker table but kept it for my 3 sons! Some vintage glass pieces are in the shop and make for fun collecting and a great gift.


With the arrival of Summer comes a new shipment from Paris. French artisan Gilles Caffier’s organic pieces rendered in porcelain are a stunning sculptural statement. All pieces are signed and numbered.


Also from Paris (can you tell Ellen is a Francophile?) is celebrated floral designer Christian Tortu’s line of exquisite candles. Anjou-born Tortu is revered as a master of floral design in France and is a fashion world favorite. These candles are hard to find on this side of the Atlantic-please stop in to see (and smell) them for yourself.

Traveling further East, we love our new pagoda lanterns! They are perfect for outdoor entertaining, come in four colors (red, black, green and aqua) and feature delicate hanging bells.

And John Robshaw brings home from the orient pillows in all sizes to help you deck out your space souk style.

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